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Overdue maintenance

Overdue maintenance

Sometimes things are overdue; not having arrived, happened, or been done by the expected time. That's clearly the case for me maintaining this site. Sure, under the hood a lot has happened (new cloud provider, different CMS and faster serving) but on the content side I am really lacking. You can only wish someone a happy new-year for so long...

So here's to a new post, introducing a lot of new content. We've been working on some great projects the last couple of months, with most eye-catching probably Feadship's updated web presence and the most fundamental being the 2014 Warsteiner work. Both have been a blast to work on, both have taken a lot of blood sweat and tears from the teams. Both look absolutely amazing.

There is still a pretty long todo-list of stuff I want to change and test on the site, so I'll just keep going for now....


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