Product Owner

I bring products to life


I am passionate about envisioning and architecting businesses, products and customer experiences. A wide variety of international clients have trusted me to bring their projects to life and to completion.

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I have been very lucky to have worked with a broad range of international clients on projects ranging from 50K to 5M+. 

  • Successfully launched projects across multiple mobile platforms
  • Delivered over 20 web projects from start to finish
  • Developed and delivered global advertising campaigns on- and offline
  • Executed within corporate and start-up environments
  • Build a company from scratch

With my teams I have delivered over 20 different projects, including 12 websites, 3 SaaS applications, 3 native mobile applications, 2 incorporations, 4 global advertising campaigns, 18 videos for online and TV, 16 business models and an uncountable number of happy end-users.

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My experience is easiest to capture as building products; usually digital products, sometimes stories in a different format. I have made mobile apps, responsive websites, e-commerce platforms, TV commercials and a few new brands. 

All these products came from clearly defined requirements and were built in such a way that all the stakeholders were excited about the products delivered. Maybe not everybody on the first launch, but that's why you launch early and launch often...

I am a strong believer in using scrum to quickly iterate through ideas, requirements and development. This has helped me every time to bring all the expectations and requirements from different stakeholder together and deliver above and beyond the roadmaps.

My coordination with teams in whatever geographic is based on clear stories and a carefully moderated backlog. The motivation of all parties involved has always been inspired by my sense of ownership and vision; it's not just about the end product but also about the exiting road that gets us there.

Being clear, having ownership and communicating the vision are key things in my day to day. Being dutch, experienced and pretty opinionated also means that I'm often actively involved in the strategic lead-in and the composition of the business roadmap that drives the project in question.

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