Polar opposites

Visiting Istanbul for four days has been an awesome experience. Wandering the streets, bazaars, and waterways. Discovering this ancient capital that straddles two continents, exploring the great food and the incredible mix of people...

Geographically, it is partly in Europe and partly in Asia but over the course of centuries, everything and everyone flowed into one mega city. Originally founded as Byzantium around 600 bc, it was ruled by many empires bringing it to the 21st century with an incredible mix of cultures, religions and history.We saw beautiful cityscapes and strolled for miles. Exploring the wide water views across the Bosporus with public transport ferries and finding incredible lunch spots.

Of course it was Kirsten's idea, who has a finely honed skill of picking holiday destinations that keep surprising us. How else would we find a cozy restaurant with fantastic food on the 6th floor of a tucked away house, completely off of the beaten path? 

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Posted by Jan Peter Wiersma

Coming from an early entrepreneurial background Jan-Peter has been playing around in a diversity of environments from die-hard IT to Advertising and Communications