Good night sleep, but way too short .. grogginess, bad breakfast, but of we went with the boat to a nice diving location. Wytse's no diving-license issue was no problem at all. Just jump in, keep up and don't forget breathing. For Wytse, his first real dive at reasonable depth, no idea how much .. but probably around 40m, thats meters not leagues, deep. Cool location with great visibility and with only three people we even had time for a little under water fun. Crawling through small coral holes, doing salto's on the ocean's floor .. yes .. what fun we had. The night before we had met another "friend", Vladimir, small guy who worked at the resort. He convinced us to give him a ride to Trinidad, but he bailed out saying he would meet us in Trinided without specifying where. He did mention Casa de la musica somewhere. Jan Peter had heard about a nightclub in a cave in Trinidad and after a short search, we managed to find the place which conveniently also was yet another bungalow resort. We drove for a whole hour and then did absolutely nothing anymore untill night. A great night it was. After dinner went to Casa the la musica, which started out slow because of the rain but later on was crowded with great music, salsa, good chats. We also met up with Vladimir again, who turned out to be a great guy who gave us, besides drinks and some suberp salsa demonstrations, the tour of the local disco. Somehow we never got to the nightclub slash cave, but the nightclub under open sky was probably even better.
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Posted by Jan Peter Wiersma

Coming from an early entrepreneurial background Jan-Peter has been playing around in a diversity of environments from die-hard IT to Advertising and Communications