Last night's choice was to play it save, conserve money and stay at a cheap place... or just gamble it and get at nice hotel and see where we could get the money today. After a little pushing and convincing we went with the second option. Trick of today was to stack up on money because we ran out completely. We didn't really do anything expensive (except for giving away a large stack of it to a random stranger), but we are only a week in and we have some plans for the upcoming days. After several solutions were discussed, we replenished our cash reserve, rented a (better) car and left Habana through the Tunnel in the Eastern direction. Destination was determined to be somewhere near Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

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Posted by Jan Peter Wiersma

Coming from an early entrepreneurial background Jan-Peter has been playing around in a diversity of environments from die-hard IT to Advertising and Communications