So where were we... Ok, so a relatively quiet day ended in a small party on the toilet after some mochito's, at least for me, that is Wytse. Apparently I ate something funny, or maybe a combination of everything, who knows. Anyway, the next coming days I spent more time lying down or on the toilet than I was happy with. Nonetheless after a day's delay we took the car and headed west.

The plan, take the old main road, the Carretera Central, and go west towards Pinar del Rio and see from there. Before we headed out we got some information from the local tourist office, who pushed us to buy some road map full of horrible english for only 10 CUC. In retrospect a good deal, because in Cuba they still have to invent road signs. Imagine it if you will like a russian roulette where every time you have to decide left or right and hope you chose wisely or face certain pothole. Luckily Jan Peter's nifty digital toy also included a compass, which made navigation so much easier.

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Posted by Jan Peter Wiersma

Coming from an early entrepreneurial background Jan-Peter has been playing around in a diversity of environments from die-hard IT to Advertising and Communications