It started as a slow day, it progressed as a slow day and it finished at a standstill. After a goodnight sleep, Wytse came up with the simplest plan possible; prepare for us leaving Habana. We took some long walks, visited some nice places, had lunch, arranged for a car for tomorrow and hoisted our already tired bodies into a chair for some mojitos.

After three and a half mojitos and half an apartizer, Wytse was ready to go back to the hotel to put a biggie in the toilet. And he stayed there. The biggie didn’t come, but his liquid friend did together with his cousin from the north. When all his bodily fluids had left his body, only water and sleep were on his mind. At this standstill, we went to bed for some sleep…

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Posted by Jan Peter Wiersma

Coming from an early entrepreneurial background Jan-Peter has been playing around in a diversity of environments from die-hard IT to Advertising and Communications