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Online condolencem


Aggeloo builds and delivers online tools for undertakers, helping people deal with their times of sorrow through easy to use and social services. Their product portfolio includes services for condolence, memories, budget calculations and software integrations. Services built for consumers but marketed through undertakers.

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Case Study

Aggeloo Memories was originally built as a custom project and had grown into a 'legacy' system preventing fast innovation. By rewriting the foundation with Craft and Yii, we've implemented the condolence functionality in record time, together with a more flexible website structure and a future proof basis for the memories platform rewrite.

My Experience

Designed and built a new foundation for the Aggeloo product portfolio. Built a full multi tenant, multi user SaaS application using Craft CMS and Yii as a foundation. Implemented workflow, documentation, tooling and roadmaps for further development

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