Be Bold Global Campaign

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The Be Bold campaign focussed on repositioning the Thomas Cook Group brands across Europe with briefs spanning both advertising and marketing tasks along with product innovation projects in the key markets.


Thomas Cook is under greater pressure to stand out in a travel industry rapidly embracing technology. The likes of Airbnb have revolutionised how consumers think about travel, ranking among the most used apps in the sector, while airlines such as British Airways have been testing technologies such as iBeacons in a bid to elevate the customer experience.

Walkthrough Video

digital market share increase
increase in brand searches
increase in brand mentions
increase in new customers

Most effective campaign in recent years


Huge effectiveness increase throughout the the group during the most important season

Most Popular

The pool-kid spot has been the most popular ad content ever published


Increased direct website traffic in almost every country


Almost every market increased the advertising awareness

We have some moving impressions

Check out some visuals

Tc Pool Blog - 50% 50% Tc Slide Blog - 50% 50% Tc Sunlounger - 50% 50% Tc Web Diva - 50% 50% Tc Web Fool - 50% 50% Tc Web Greedy - 50% 50% Tc Web Idiot - 50% 50% Ocean The Screen Arndale - 50% 50%

Case Study

As well as proving a hit with music fans, the overall campaign generated a revival for the high street travel company. Digital market share increased by 31%, brand searches are up by 20% and the number of times Thomas Cook is mentioned on social media channels has increased by 451%. This has continued through into direct business growth with a 173% increase in new customers.

My Experience

I worked on the client side, managing the pitch, procurement and briefing as well as the execution and sell-in to the markets. Main areas of focus were the internal and external alignments around the brand positioning and campaign messaging. Responsibilities included budget control, brand messaging, creative sign-off, market delivery, implementation and effectiveness.

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