Both of You

Meet Robert and Robert, Marla and Marla, and Lisa and Lisa


Meet Robert and his VAIO® Flip, Marla and her VAIO® Duo, and Lisa with her VAIO® Tap. Like all of us, they are multifaceted. Sometimes they are fun and silly, and sometimes they are all business. They represent both sides of ourselves and our different needs. Fortunately Sony has created a laptop and tablet in one -- a single device to meet all of those needs. This is the VAIO® 2-in-1 PC family powered by the Intel® Core™ processor.

Check out some visuals

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Case Study

Our job was to show both sides of the new Sony 2-in-1 machines. Our solutions was to show the different sides of you. Work and Play, Left and Right, Tablet and Laptop mode.

My Experience

I worked on the strategy for the brief and the ideas for the online execution, bringing together technical background and media planning recommendations into one coherent campaign.

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