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There are yachts, and there are Feadships


Each Feadship is entirely custom designed and built by hand to suit the wishes and dreams of the owner, without limitation. Our task was to capture and share what it is about these yachts that can get a billionaire - who’s not in the habit of waiting for anything - to wait three years plus to own one.


What we learnt was this: it isn’t one thing that Feadship do, it’s absolutely everything they do. So we created an online platform where we could tell the Feadship story from any angle. From films that celebrate the craftspeople behind the build, and timelines that distill three years into a few minutes, to disarmingly frank interactive interviews with the owners of the company.

We’ve spent the last few months with amazing people who absolutely love what they do, and simply want to do it to the very highest standards they can. What a pleasure it is to be around like-minded people.

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Redefining Pure Custom Creation

The brand

Reshaped the brand into the world's premier pure custom creation player

Online Experience

We build Feadship's online presence into an experience that shows you how we turn your dreams into reality

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There are yachts, and there are Feadships

Feadship is the world's premier custom yacht builder

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