Feadship Online 2.0



After the succesfull delivery and roll-out of the Feadship website in 2013, we wanted to keep improving. With the new 2.0 version, we've extended the Feadship promise of perfection and also incorporated more functional elements into the Feadship experience. Users can now interact directly with charter, refit and build crews to get direct feedback on their dreams and wishes.


With reach and user experience being the most important requirements, we focussed on language adaptations an iterations of the UI.

new services
years of heritage
central press room
new yachts delivered


All new services, fleet and charter sections

We've added the ability to directly find out how to make your dreams a reality

Available in four languages

Tailoring the story to our biggest markets, we've added three new languages to make the interactions even more personal

Detailed Description

There are yachts, and there are Feadships

To reach an even wider audience, Feadship online is now available in four languages (Russian, Chinese, Portugese and English). During the development of the second version we have also overhauled the user experience to deliver an even better view into the world of Feadship.

Check out some visuals

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