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To support the launch of Intel’s 2nd Generation Core chip, its most important product in years, we needed to connect with a broad consumer base, and convince them that our “Visibly Smart” processors ought to be a big part of their lives. These consumers are not technical. They don’t understand jargon. However, they do live increasingly visual lives. And they depend on us more than ever. But how do you remind them of just how important the Intel Core chip is?


Our solution? We shifted the focus from a chip that Intel what that chip makes possible. And that made all the difference.

We wrote the strategy; set out a communications plan from launch events at CES to global social media engagement and blogger outreach; navigated the cultural and linguistic waters, and set a high bar by producing key central creative work - notably a series of short films profiling ordinary people who had done extraordinary things..with a little help from Intel. Not ads but stories of people leading genuinely inspiring visual lives. Doing things that just yesterday were simply not possible - without Intel.

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Intel, Visibly Smart

We set out on a truly global journey that included our partners in market around the world. Rather than create a one-size fits all campaign, we created a storytelling content platform that enabled countries to embrace the campaign and make it their own.

The Visual Life campaign consisted of a central digital platform that markets could adapt and make their own. And the markets did - In store, with partners, promotions, and close to their own consumers.

Utilizing online, contest, film branded content, as well as events, TV and other channels, we garnered amazing results. Most important of all we invited consumers themselves to share their own visual lives.

And share they did. With us. With their own friends. With the whole world. In just over 8 months we had over 37 million consumers engage with us in 198 countries. People who chose to spend time with Intel.

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