Legend of Akhtamar

Armenian Legends Retold


As a legendary brand, Armenia’s Ararat brandy needed reframing for a contemporary audience. By drawing on the many legends of Ararat’s rich Armenian heritage we found a link from the brands past, powerful enough to take it into the future.

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Silver Digital Effie

Detailed Description

Armenian Legends Retold

At the centre of the integrated campaign was Akhtamar, a 20-minute film, retelling an ancient Armenian legend of love and loss to a new audience.

We started a renaissance of storytelling, reminding an ancient culture of their oldest brand. By giving Ararat a culturally relevant role to boost its credibility we were able to achieve a level of engagement that goes well beyond traditional advertising, finding a place in peoples hearts.

Amsterdam Worldwide uses creativity to drive tangible results for their clients, as recognized by the Silver Communications Effectiveness Award in the 360 Degree Integration category.

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Case Study

In January 2010 the film’s official website received 3 million page views with an average of 13,500 visitors per day. The campaign quickly went viral and featured on over 300 websites, countless blogs and 350 major print publications generating €500,000 (euros) of free publicity for the brand. Moreover, the film successfully brought the brand to huge numbers of people and re-established them as a premium category leader. Year-on-year sales in it’s home country have increased 30%, while overall sales have increased by 6%.

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