Introducing NightTag, the Social Music App


When you’re in a club, at a gig, in a bar or at a festival and want to share the moment – NightTag it. At the touch of a button NightTag lets your friends know where you are through geolocation, shares a photo, and what you’re listening to using automatic music recognition – all in one Facebook post.


Olmec Tequila is the drink to own the night. NightTag helps you share that event with all your friends by letting them experience your moment; sound, locations, friends, photos: all in one Facebook Post.

Walkthrough Video

months development
cloud platform


Global Release

The NightTag project has launched in over 60 countries

Targeted Userbase

NightTag build a user-base of 20K+ users before if was hibernated


The service platform is still active for the people currently using it

Detailed Description

Introducing NightTag, the Social Music App

NightTag is the world's first social music app, designed to help people capture their nightlife experience in one place. It combines images of the night, with the music that is being listened to, in the place where it is playing - and posts it all onto a user's Facebook Timeline.

NightTag allows users to take a photo, while its music-recognition software identifies the song playing and the smartphone's GPS pinpoints the location. NightTag then posts all three elements onto the user's Facebook Timeline in one, cohesive NightTag photo post. Amsterdam Worldwide has built NightTag to also act as a portal into electronic music. The Streaming page hosts electronic music radio channels, including international dance DJ, Ferry Corsten's weekly Countdown podcast. 

Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry through the Apple iTunes App store, Google Play Store and RIM BlackBerry World. 
Check out the walkthrough video or check out the NightTag website at

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Case Study

This project was developed and executed as a joint-venture between Pernod Ricard Mexico and Amsterdam Worldwide. Amsterdam Worldwide still retains 50% of the IP and usage rights.

NightTag uses MusicDNA music recognition engine, Amazon EC2, S3 and RDS services, full API support, push notifications and is produced, run, hosted and activated in-house

My Experience

I worked on this project from ideation to distribution. After defining the strategy, we found ways to brings this to life with music recognition technology and sharing. By setting up a combined internal and off-shore development team we were able to deliver this campaign under our full control and budget. My focus has been on project management, budgets, team management, technical infrastructure, development and QA. When Facebook Timeline launched at F8, we extended the project to natively integrate and allow even deeper social sharing.

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