Future Concept Yacht


Feadship has unveiled a superyacht named ‘Relativity’, based on what concepts Albert Einstein might have looked for if he had commissioned a custom built yacht. The model of the 90 metre vessel was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, supported by a raft of experiential and digital activity.

Check out some visuals

a-closer-look-at-a-feadship-yacht-model-by-albert-einstein - 50% 50% feadship einstein 3d model - 50% 50% feadship einstein 3d model inspriation activated - 50% 50% feadship einstein homepage - 50% 50% feadship relativity torus 01 - 50% 50% relativity home - 50% 50% relativity model - 50% 50%

Case Study

Einstein was selected as the first Future Concept 'client' because he was an interesting and passionate scientist with a great sense of humour, who incidentally was also a passionate sailor and owner of yachts during his lifetime. Relativity’s design speculates about how Einstein might have used a superyacht to spread a message of knowledge and innovation around the globe.

My Experience

We built a fully interactive multi-touch experience where people could explore Relativity in all it's different aspects. From a 3D model of the concept yacht and all the innovation highlights to a video introduction of Einstein.

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