Art of the Samurai


Launched in February 2010, the Tansu campaign is the fourth edition in our award-winning series of larger-than-life sculptures created for Onitsuka Tiger.


By focusing on the unique heritage and authentic Japanese credentials of the Onitsuka Tiger brand, as summarised in the agency’s Made of Japan strategy,we created something so unique that it intrigued and engaged consumers the world over, and reinforced the brand’s international iconic status.

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increase collection interest
unique visitor growth
increase referral traffic
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Detailed Description

Art of the Samurai

Taking cues from ‘puzzle box’ cabinets created for the Samurai, it took a team of expert Japanese craftsmen from a ninth-generation Tansu workshop over four months to craft the one-and-a-half metre long Tansu-inspired wooden sneaker, using traditional methods.

We have some moving impressions

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Case Study

The story of the wooden sneaker spread around the world, appearing in thousands of blogs, tweets and magazines. Interest in the collection went up 20%, direct traffic (WOM) increased 40%, and referral traffic jumped 152%. Unique visits to onitsukatiger.com grew 125%, while total traffic saw a massive increase of 460%.

My Experience

To bring the real wooden sculpture to life online, I have worked to bring multiple expertises together. Stop motion photographers, 3D animators and Flash developers were all teamed together to bring you an interactive world to explore. New content was continuously created and released to keep the experience fresh.

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