Mach das einzig Wahre


The 2014 integrated campaign for Germany’s top independent premium beer throws down the gauntlet: Whatever it is you do – Mach das einzig Wahre - do it right. Whether it’s your hobby or your life’s work, five minutes of your day or five days of your week, your curiosity or your quest: it’s your moment to rise above, and Warsteiner wants you to live it to its fullest. 

Warsteiner has championed doing things the right way since 1753, raising beer brewing to a veritable art form over nine generations of the Cramer family. Which is why we encouraged Warsteiner to use this opportunity as a call to action for all of us, whatever our individual pursuits may be – whether that’s brewing beer, collecting cuckoo clocks, singing karaoke, or fighting for the title – do it your way, do it the right way.

Check out some visuals

Warsteiner 11 Balloon A - 50% 50% Warsteiner 14 Festival - 50% 50% Warsteiner 3 Klitschko A - 50% 50% Warsteiner 4 Tattoo A - 50% 50% Warsteiner 5 Clocks A - 50% 50%

Case Study

Among its various elements, the campaign’s engaging TV spots ride a wave of liberating momentum. Their imagery and infectious energy command the viewer’s attention, while the voiceover message provokes and challenges: whatever it is you do - no matter what that is - do it right. The spots feature brief glimpses into the lives of authentic personalities, who also appear in online documentary-style interviews to expand on their stories. Integrated executions across a variety of media support the digital storytelling platform.

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