I am Jan Peter, a passionate and practical product guy

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I'm currently working on a hip new website

Throwing away all conventions, starting from scratch. Implementing a solid framework for both frontend and backend. These are the new rules for the future of this site.

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I love what I do

I am a product guy. I am passionate about envisioning and architecting businesses, products and customer experiences. A wide variety of international clients have trusted me to bring their ideas to life.

Product Owner

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A wide array of projects have given me a huge experience in all kinds of different directions. Even though it's difficult to put a label on it, my core expertise is in strategically bringing creativity and technology together. I love the business challenges and pride myself on being able to solve them in an out-of-the-box and effective way.

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I am pretty easy to be around, but demanding for results. Sports have to be fast and furious; I found the perfect match in Padel. Exploring the world in my spare time, both on land and under water. To find out more: read on or ring me up for a coffee!

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