Your future plumber

Jan Peter Wiersma

I'm a tech strategist with a wide range of interests and skills. I love building, shaping and growing businesses and products.

  • Based in
    The Netherlands
  • Experience
    20+ Years
  • Current Domain
    Banking and Internet Services

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With about 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial, managerial, technical design, development, adtech, M&A, and commercial roles - I've seen my fair share of interesting domains. Most importantly, I'm always on the lookout for new challenges.

My assignments usually go one of two ways: key projects essential to the business, or plumber jobs - fixing the bare bones that no one wants to touch. I love both because both can add tremendous value.

Pretty easy-going but driven for results. Considered direct in communications but with an optimistic outlook for possibilities. Programming is both a tool and a hobby.

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My Resume

Talented strategist who does his best work behind the scenes and across the business. Prefer to work with small but skilled teams. Focus and results are key, providing clear objectives and goals.

Working well with people, but prefer to manage teams only during build-up - there are better people managers out there who prefer to grow and nurture the potential


Data Analytics

Skill Sets

Business Strategy

A keen sense for business processes and commercial implications allows me to talk, plan and execute across all parts of a company - from C-level to team dailies. Setting the stage, scoping the problem, planning resources, and day-to-day execution.

Product Ownership

From inception to execution. Bringing commercial viability and development power to industries such as banking, SaaS, advertising, crypto, and travel. With my in-depth development and infra knowledge, this comes to shine in tech-driven environments.

Advertising & Growth

Translating growth ambitions into measurable executions plans; combining agencies, online and offline with attribution, tracking, and integration. Been there done that with retail, mobile, TV, SEO, SEA, social, and even good old print.

Change Management

I love phases in the company where change is the norm - it allows people to get in the mindset where it's OK to break things and rethink how things are done. My expertise is to challenge the norm, pushing people to rethink the problem and start acting accordingly. If it still feels comfortable, you're not doing it right 🤨


University of Twente and Groningen

Computer Sciences

The Netherlands



Product Revival

With one of our storage products running into LCM issues, we turned it from free to paid within 3 months, generating millions in extra revenue while keeping the userbase happy 🤗


Customer Data Platform

With the introduction of Segment at bunq, we finally consolidated all of our user interactions from all channels into one manageable and extendable platform - insights, results and objective measurables unlocked 👀


bunq Premium

Based on user feedback and backed by data, we launched bunq Premium - driving a new level of user growth numbers 🤯


2019 - present

M&A integrations and Growth

Buy and build execution with integration, innovation and local hero brand focus - currently in the cleanup and efficiency phase 🧹

2016 - Present



The key objective was to launch, grow and learn - hypergrowth ongoing 🚀

2015 - 2016

Thomas Cook Group

One consistent message

Bringing all the global brands together under One Campaign and providing a centralized editorial content desk

2008 - 2015

Amsterdam Worldwide

Global Advertising

Turning a classic agency into a digital agency - covering clients of all sizes and shapes

My Assignments

I got to work on a lot of cool brands, adding something unique to each one.

bunq Intel Thomas Cook Group Pernod Ricard Amsterdam Worldwide Kuoni Group Sony

Contact Me

+31 6 3493 5000

Turfhaven 282
2511 DK The Hague